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Create a second backup copy of your pictures

Full Backup Option for Windows and Mac

Picture Keeper has a “Full Backup” option for creating a new complete full backup on a different Picture Keeper.

  • Create the initial download/backup on your 1st Picture Keeper.
  • Insert a 2nd Picture Keeper.
  • Start the Picture Keeper software program.
  • Check for Updates at the bottom left corner of the PK main Start Backup screen.
  • Click the Search Options button.

  • In the bottom right window, click the checkbox for Full Backup.
  • Click Save Settings, then start the backup.

After the backup completes, and before you remove the 2nd Picture Keeper, go back into the Search Options and uncheck the Full Backup checkbox.

Otherwise, your next backup on your 1st Picture Keeper will also be a “full” backup, starting over from the beginning.  Unchecking “Full Backup” ensures that your next regular backup will only search and save newly added pictures.

Use this feature any time you want to create another copy of your pictures.

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Updated on November 27, 2017

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