Does Picture Keeper skip duplicates?

Yes!  Picture Keeper compares the numerous attributes of a photo to determine duplicates. The process of detecting and skipping duplicates is pretty advanced. We use an algorithm to look at the binary data behind the photo (all the 1’s and 0’s) to see if it is truly a duplicate, regardless of file name. Only 1 copy of the photo will be downloaded to the Picture Keeper.

  • Even if you have 2 of the same photo image, but they have different file names (jpg001, jpg002), we will skip 1 of them.
  • Conversely, if you had 2 different photo images, but they both had the same file name (example jpg001, jpg001) we will treat those as unique pictures.

If you want to delete these duplicates off your computer there is a skipped duplicates checklist you can print off in the options of the Picture Keeper software. This will show you where all your duplicates are located throughout your computer.

  • Start the Picture Keeper software

  • Click the gear icon on the upper right and select Print Skipped Duplicates Report

What about duplicates on multiple devices?

Picture Keeper desktop software will detect duplicates across multiple Computers.

For example, if you have some of the same pictures on Computer 1 and computer 2, Picture Keeper will skip over those duplicates and only copy one original onto itself.

There is no duplicate detection on the mobile phone app side because there are rarely any duplicates from your phone camera. When you do a backup with our Picture Keeper Connect App, Picture Keeper Connect App will search your entire phone for pictures and saves a copy onto the Picture Keeper. No files will be deleted from your phone unless you delete them yourself.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact Picture Keeper Support.

Updated on March 18, 2020

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