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Enable SAF option for newer Android devices

If you own a flagship smartphone or a high-end device manufactured during the last 3 years, you may need to enable SAF backup option within the settings of the Picture Keeper Connect application. The SAF workflow works better with newer Android smartphones and tablets.

This option is “ON” by default in the PK Connect App. Most newer Android devices use this function for communicating/connecting with an external device like Picture Keeper.

If your Android is not communicating/connecting with Picture Keeper (No Device Detected), follow the prompts below to ensure SAF is on.

  • Tap the menu (3 lines)

  • Tap Help

  • Make sure the SAF option is “ON”
  • Tap the X twice to go back to the Start Backup screen

From this point, you can start backing up your pictures. Follow the prompts on the screen and be sure to give the application permissions to access the drive. Tap ‘Start Backup’ button once and select one of the options given.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact Picture Keeper Support.

Updated on November 27, 2017

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