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How do I access my pictures directly?

You can access the files on your Picture Keeper directly, bypassing the Picture Keeper software.

I have a Windows

  1. Plug the Picture Keeper into your computer.
  2. Open a File Manager window as shown below. (Yours may be slightly different.)
  3. Find the PKBACKUP device in the left side window and click once to display the files shown.

To access the photos directly:

  1. Double click the Backups folder.
  2. Double click the name of the computer. (Support-PC-1 is the name of this computer)
  3. Double click Drive C:
  4. Double click Users.
  5. Double click on your name. (blank space is displayed in this example)
  6. Double click on Pictures.
  7. This will display your folders of pictures.
  8. From this point, you can copy pictures or folders back to your computer using copy and paste.

I have an OS X/macOS

  1. Open in a Finder Window
  2. Open the Backup Folder
  3. Open the folder that is the name of your Mac.
  4. Open Photos/iPhoto or Users depending where you store the Pictures on your Mac.
  5. Open Events or Pictures
  6. You should see all the folders
  7. Open a folder to display the pictures.
  8. You can change the view using the icon along the top of this window above the word view.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact Picture Keeper Support.

Updated on August 3, 2017

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