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What Happens When my Picture Keeper Device is Filled?

When one Picture Keeper becomes full, just purchase another one (any size) and Picture Keeper will only copy the remaining pictures.

For example, if you’ve purchased a PK 4 (or Starter) and it’s full, but you have 1543 pictures still remaining to be copied, you may purchase a PK 8 and it will copy the 1543 remaining pictures.  You’ll also have space to add more photos when you use the Picture Keeper in the future.

Need another Picture Keeper?

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Once you have your second Picture Keeper, simply insert it into your computer, open the software and click the Start Backup button.  When the Resume Backup pop-up appears, click “Yes” to continue where your last drive left off.

How does it know where it left off?

See this Help article.
Does a second Picture Keeper start where the first one stopped?


If you need any additional assistance, please contact Picture Keeper Support.

Updated on November 27, 2017

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